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A2/304 grade screws are recommend for use in timber cladding and decking applications, making them a versatile choice outdoors.

  • Head Type: Countersunk
  • Drive Type: Pozi PZ2
  • Grade: A2/304

Features a single thread for fast insertion and a sharp point for easy quick start into timber.

Ideal for use in oak timbers, cedar cladding, decking boards and outdoor applications

Pilot holes maybe required for certain types of timber and screw sizes. Thread lengths may vary depending on length of screw

Supplied in various pack sizes as specified below.

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Stainless Steel Pozi Screws - 30mm, 4mm, 200£8.00 (inc VAT £9.60)
Stainless Steel Pozi Screws - 40mm, 4mm, 200£9.00 (inc VAT £10.80)
Stainless Steel Pozi Screws - 50mm, 4mm, 200£11.00 (inc VAT £13.20)
Stainless Steel Pozi Screws - 60mm, 5mm, 100£15.00 (inc VAT £18.00)
Stainless Steel Pozi Screws - 80mm, 5mm, 100£19.00 (inc VAT £22.80)