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We also supply complimentary products using the same basic ethos that we only pick the best. Therefore we only supply Grade A timber or non-timber products that we believe are of the highest quality. We are incredibly focused on building relationships with suppliers that we trust and can work with over the long term. Our aim is to provide a product range that helps our customers create great buildings, large or small, that look amazing, and offer those products at unbeatable prices.

On top of all of this, we pride ourselves on our close communication with our customers. From his earliest days of splitting the logs and making our products, Joe Coyle is still active in the business and loves to talk to customers. We believe having that level of knowledge and experience available at the end of the phone goes a long way!

The origins of Coyle Timber were in the careful selection of prime English oak, which was then split and crafted to produce shakes, lath and pegs. Over many years, this has given us an intimate understanding of what it means to work with wood and a deep respect and appreciation for its use in both new and old buildings.

Since 2001, we have supplied crafts-people, restorers and developers who are experts in their chosen fields. As a result, our products are built into many prestigious historical and contemporary buildings across the country. To this day, Coyle Timber is one of the largest suppliers of riven oak products in the UK.

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