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Coyle Timber is the largest manufacturer in the U.K. for Oak framing pegs.

Our Framing pegs are split with the grain and hand tapered with an octagonal shape giving the product incredible strength. We have had them tested at our local university and they have the strength to hold one tonne per square inch.

Our pegs are used in the construction of beautiful green Oak frame buildings and we supply varying sizes to fit in holes between 12mm and 25mm, the most common being 19mm by 300mm in length.

We commonly supply them for historic restoration. The largest pegs we have ever supplied was for restoration work at Stirling Castle – they were made to fit in a 40mm hole and they were 900mm in length!

All pegs supplied in bundles of 10.


Delivery U.K. wide in 7 to 12 working days subject to order backlog

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Drawn Oak Pegs - Standard, 300mm, 25mm, 10£40.00 (inc VAT £48.00)
Drawn Oak Pegs - Standard, 300mm, 16mm, 10£30.00 (inc VAT £36.00)
Drawn Oak Pegs - Standard, 300mm, 19mm, 10£30.00 (inc VAT £36.00)
Drawn Oak Pegs - Standard, 300mm, 20mm, 10£30.00 (inc VAT £36.00)
Drawn Oak Pegs - Standard, 300mm, 22mm, 10£35.00 (inc VAT £42.00)