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Bamboo is one of the most sustainable materials on earth. Actually a fast-growing grass, cutting encourages regrowth and it fully replenishes in only 5 years.

Bamboo forms its own unique grain patterns and can be formed into extremely hardwearing boards with the natural look and qualities of hardwood.

To produce these exceptionally hard boards, Woodpecker experts use a process called strand weaving, binding bamboo fibres together and compressing them to form boards with a higher tensile strength than steel.

These are environmentally friendly and resilient bamboo floors, with a classy smooth finish. Choose between a plank or herringbone board for a traditional yet modern look.

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Woodpecker Bamboo Floor - Oxwich, Natural Strand Bamboo 1.85m X 135mm X 12mm, 1.498m2, Traditional, Warm, £50.03/m2£74.94 (inc VAT £89.93)
Woodpecker Bamboo Floor - Oxwich, Coffee Strand Bamboo 1.85m X 135mm X 12mm, 1.498m2, Traditional, Natural, £50.03/m2£74.94 (inc VAT £89.93)
Woodpecker Bamboo Floor - Oxwich, Herringbone Coffee Strand Bamboo 0.45m X 190mm X 12mm, 1.134m2, Parquet, Warm, £56.35/m2£63.90 (inc VAT £76.68)
Woodpecker Bamboo Floor - Oxwich, Herringbone Natural Strand Bamboo 0.45m X 90mm X 12mm, 1.134m2, Parquet, Natural, £56.35/m2£63.90 (inc VAT £76.68)