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Siberian Larch has a wide range of uses for interior and exterior projects from specialist hit and miss cladding, flooring and sauna construction to window and door manufacturing.

Siberian Larch is not only durable and sustainable, but has an attractive figure and colour.

Prices are per board.

Planing is an option: Expect 6-10mm off width. Boards less than 250mm width, deduct ~7mm from thickness / boards greater than 250mm, width deduct ~10mm from thickness.



Delivery U.K. wide in 5 to 7 working days

Delivery by Pallet service or Bulk dependant on order size


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Prime Grade Finnish Siberian Larch Boards - 5.0m, 150mm, 25mm£47.50 (inc VAT £57.00)
Prime Grade Finnish Siberian Larch Boards - 3.0m, 150mm, 25mm£28.50 (inc VAT £34.20)
Prime Grade Finnish Siberian Larch Boards - 4.0m, 150mm, 25mm£38.00 (inc VAT £45.60)