Oak Lath is typically used in conservation or restoration projects and we can supply either riven or sawn.

Our Riven Oak Lath is one of the products we have produced from our earliest beginnings and we are proud to be making it still from the finest English Oak. Supplied in 61 meter bundles traditionally 3′, 3’6″, 4′ lengths now 900mm, 1.05m and 1.22m. Allow 27.5 linear meters for each square meter.

For small areas we will supply bundles of 10 1.22m Riven Oak Laths for a total length of 12.2 linear metres.

Sawn Oak Lath is supplied in 50 unit bundles of 8′ (2.44m) or 4′ (1.22m) lengths providing 122 or 61 linear metres respectively. Allow 30.5 linear meters for each square meter. If 8ft is not specifically required then 4ft bundles are more cost effective to deliver.

Delivery U.K. wide in 3 to 5 working days

Delivery by Fedex or Pallet service dependant on order size


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Oak Lath - Riven, 1.22m, 32mm, 6mm, 12.2m£25.00 (inc VAT £30.00)
Oak Lath - Sawn, 1.22m, 25mm, 6mm, 61m£73.60 (inc VAT £88.32)
Oak Lath - Riven, 1.22m, 32mm, 6mm, 61m£74.00 (inc VAT £88.80)
Oak Lath - Riven, 1.05m, 32mm, 6mm, 52.5m£62.75 (inc VAT £75.30)
Oak Lath - Riven, 900mm, 32mm, 6mm, 45m£55.50 (inc VAT £66.60)