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Haired Lime Mortar: mixed at a ratio of 3:1 (sand:lime). Use for backing coats of lime plaster and lime render. Haired Lime Mortar uses 2 kg of natural animal hair per m3 of mortar. 15 mm scratch coat Haired Lime Mortar, 30 kg/m²

Unhaired Lime Mortar: mixed at a ratio of 3:1 (sand:lime). Use for internal and external building, lime rendering and lime plastering, and lime pointing. Render/plaster 33 m² at 15 mm thick. 10 mm float coat Unhaired Lime Mortar, 20 kg/m²

Lime Plaster: fine finish internal top coat skim, Coverage 3 mm skim of Lime Plaster = 6 kg/m² (applied as 2 passes)

All lime products are supplied in 20kg Tubs

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Lime Mortar - 3-1 Coarse Haired, 20kg tub£22.00 (inc VAT £26.40)
Lime Mortar - 3-1 Coarse Unhaired, 20kg tub£20.00 (inc VAT £24.00)
Lime Mortar - 3-2 Plaster Skim, 20kg tub£24.00 (inc VAT £28.80)