LIGNIA is the high-performance modified timber produced in the UK for architects, designers and other professionals to specify for the construction industry. LIGNIA is a highly-durable real wood that delivers beauty, high performance and sustainability through a unique modification process. 

Available in varied lengths in Secret Nail TGV, Horizontal and Vertical Shadow Gap profiles.

LIGNIA starts out life as a softwood (radiata pine) from FSC®-certified managed plantations, and is modified, giving it the appearance and properties of hardwoods. 

Using proprietary grading rules the wood used is carefully selected from large-diameter pruned logs which are cut to produce heartfree boards free of warp and with minimal surface defects. 

This is then modified under controlled conditions to produce timber of suitable consistency and quality. 

Classified as small movement, LIGNIA has many applications and is often used for decking, flooring, cladding and general joinery such as doors and window frames. LIGNIA comes with a 50-year warranty against rot and fungal decay in above-ground uses and matches or even exceeds in some categories the performance of hardwoods such as ipe or European oak. 

LIGNIA has undergone extensive testing at test facilities in the UK, France, Germany and North America, proving that the product is a real alternative to tropical hardwoods, thus making it a highly sustainable choice in construction specification. 


Delivery U.K. wide in 5 to 7 working days

Delivery by Pallet service or Bulk dependant on order size


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Lignia Cladding - 3.4m, Horizontal Shadow Gap£30.60 (inc VAT £36.72)
Lignia Cladding - 2.8m, Vertical Shadow Gap£25.20 (inc VAT £30.24)
Lignia Cladding - 3.1m, Vertical Shadow Gap£27.90 (inc VAT £33.48)3-1mvertical-shadow-gap
Lignia Cladding - 3.1m, Horizontal Shadow Gap£27.90 (inc VAT £33.48)
Lignia Cladding - 3.7m, Horizontal Shadow Gap£33.30 (inc VAT £39.96)
Lignia Cladding - 3.3m, Vertical Shadow Gap£29.70 (inc VAT £35.64)
Lignia Cladding - 3.4m, Vertical Shadow Gap£30.60 (inc VAT £36.72)
Lignia Cladding - 3-9m, Vertical Shadow Gap£35.10 (inc VAT £42.12)3-9mvertical-shadow-gap
Lignia Cladding - 3.4m, Secret Nail TGV£30.60 (inc VAT £36.72)3-4msecret-nail-tgv
Lignia Cladding - 3.6m, Secret Nail TGV£32.40 (inc VAT £38.88)3-6msecret-nail-tgv
Lignia Cladding - 3.6m, Horizontal Shadow Gap£32.40 (inc VAT £38.88)
Lignia Cladding - 3.6m, Vertical Shadow Gap£32.40 (inc VAT £38.88)3-6mvertical-shadow-gap
Lignia Cladding - 4.27m, Secret Nail TGV£38.50 (inc VAT £46.20)4-27msecret-nail-tgv
Lignia Cladding - 4.27m, Horizontal Shadow Gap£38.50 (inc VAT £46.20)
Lignia Cladding - 4.27m, Vertical Shadow Gap£38.50 (inc VAT £46.20)4-27mvertical-shadow-gap