Balau is a high quality decking material, really suited to the British climate. It is extremely dense, durable and beautiful to look at, with great resistance to insect and fungal attack.

It is supplied in reversible castellated/smooth profile and priced per board.

Delivery U.K. wide in 5 to 7 working days

Delivery by Pallet service or Bulk dependant on order size


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Balau Decking - 2.74m, 145mm, 21mm£22.00 (inc VAT £26.40)
Balau Decking - 3.05m, 145mm, 21mm£24.40 (inc VAT £29.28)3-05m145mm21mm
Balau Decking - 3.35m, 145mm, 21mm£26.80 (inc VAT £32.16)3-35m145mm21mm
Balau Decking - 3.66m, 145mm, 21mm£29.30 (inc VAT £35.16)3-66m145mm21mm
Balau Decking - 3.95m, 145mm, 21mm£31.60 (inc VAT £37.92)3-95m145mm21mm
Balau Decking - 4.27m, 145mm, 21mm£34.20 (inc VAT £41.04)4-27m145mm21mm
Balau Decking - 4-57m, 145mm, 21mm£36.60 (inc VAT £43.92)4-57m145mm21mm
Balau Decking - 4-85m, 140mm, 20mm£38.80 (inc VAT £46.56)4-85m140mm20mm